PostMilitary – Participant Driven Career Development Meetups for Military

Welcome to PostMilitary! We are a virtual platform serving Transitioning Military, Military Spouses, and Veterans. Our passion, our mission is helping people achieve the success they desire!

Our vision is to drive engagement in a virtual world aimed at helping people find; "The magic that happens when the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of career transition is overcome by optimism and belief in life after military.”

Monthly Participant Driven Virtual Career Networking Meetup

We are launching a monthly virtual career development meetup that closely resembles the experience of being at a networking event in person. Our target audience is Transitioning Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses. We want to empower you to walk in, use a concierge if needed, roam at will, introduce yourself, ask questions, provide perspective, and engage in a real conversation. Our second meetup will be Thursday, March 11, at 6:00 PM Central. We will meet on the second Thursday of every month. These events will be offered at no cost.

Sound chaotic? Good networking events are. We believe this will be a powerful experience. We want these meetups and really everything we do to be about YOU! You drive the conversation, engagement and set the agenda. We will have a Concierge to help guide you on your journey.

The Zoom platform has added the capability for participants to move in and out of breakout rooms and the main room at will. We will be sharing bio's and LinkedIn profiles for our breakout room facilitators. You can plan ahead or ask your Concierge for input.

Thank you for considering joining our event. We look forward to serving you. info and registration


So, just what is PostMilitary?

People keep asking me…What is PostMilitary? It’s about finding optimism and belief in life #postmilitary.

Our vision is to drive engagement in a virtual world aimed at helping people find; “The magic that happens when the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of career transition is overcome by optimism and belief in life after military.”  Our meetups will be pure, free-range, organic networking. You will have the freedom to roam through a web of breakout rooms and connect with whomever you want.

We meet the second Thursday of every month, from 6:00 PM Central until you are ready to leave. Please consider jumping in for a few minutes and see what you think.

All events are offered at no cost or obligation. 100% organic free-range networking!

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How do you define success?

(Re-post from May 2019.) I spend a lot of time helping people with their careers, mostly asking pointed questions and doing a lot of listening. I was at a transitioning military workshop in May doing mock interviews, career coaching, etc. In the middle of a discussion, someone asked me; “How Do You Define Success?” I gave an answer, but I think the question was really aimed at what goes into defining what success looks like in your career or in this case career transition.

This is a great question. The definition of success – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose…A favorable or desired outcome. Figuring out what that is for you is powerful!

Success is different for each of us and changes as we continue to grow. Here is an attempt at a better answer with the idea of laying out a thought process to help define success.

How do I define success?

  • Family – Whatever I do family is a big priority. This includes everything from being able to provide for them, educate them, help them pursue their dreams, to staying here in San Antonio and being a part of a large extended family.
  • Core Values – Integrity, Service, Value, and Commitment. Being able to live your life and navigate difficult situations and decisions with your core values, especially integrity, leading the way is a big part of success in my world.
  • Passion or Purpose – What could be better than understanding your passion or purpose and being able to live it? My passion is helping people achieve the success they desire.
  • Making a Difference – Fun, fulfilling, and builds the confidence needed for growth.

There is a lot of advice out there with much of it centered around offers; “If You Have This Experience, This Education, This Certification, This Clearance etc.”,  You Should Accept an Offer for No Less Than $XXX,XXX.”

How do you define success? Please share your thoughts and comments.

Updating Zoom and choosing breakout rooms on a Windows PC

Here are some tips on effectively navigating between breakout rooms in Zoom

  • Using a Windows PC or MAC vs. a Smartphone or Tablet will allow you to see who is in each breakout room.
  • You have to update the Zoom PC App to be able to take advantage of this enhanced capability. Please update Zoom.
    • Open the Zoom App on your PC.
    • Login
    • Click on your image icon in the top right corner.
    • Scroll down to “Update Zoom” and click on it.
    • This just takes a few minutes.

Selecting a breakout room in Zoom

At the bottom of your Zoom window, you will either see a Breakout Rooms icon, or three dots “…” depending on your screen size. Select either one and open the Breakout Rooms.


PostMilitary Breakout Room Facilitators


Welcome to PostMilitary. Our vision is to drive engagement in a virtual world aimed at helping people find; “The magic that happens when the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of career transition is overcome by optimism and belief in life after military.”

On February 11, 7:00 PM Central, you will be able to join our virtual career networking meetup and navigate to the breakout rooms of your choice to engage the participants. Here is a list of some of the breakout room facilitators, and possible topics for the rooms. Again, PostMilitary is about you. You drive the conversation, you ask the questions. We will continue to add facilitators.


Steve MillerSteve Miller Lead Process Consultant at USAA

Steve is well versed in life PostMilitary and can lead an engaging discussion on just about anything related to your career journey.

Sarah Freeman Smith-BarrySarah Freeman Smith-Barry, Principal Consultant, Freego Consulting

Sarah’s experience in Occupational Psychology, Learning, and Development (L&D), give her a unique perspective when it comes to career development.

Maria Hamelers, RBLP-TMaria Hamelers RBLP Certification Instructor, Program Director, Attitudes & Attire

Maria helps people with resumes, interview skills, and figuring out what they want to do next. Ask her anything!


Gary GuzmanGary Guzman Co-Founder PostMilitary, Recruiter Amazon

Gary wants to facilitate a breakout room for introverts.

Gil Weisbaum, PMP, PMI-ACP, LSSGBGil Weisbaum, PMP, PMI-ACP, LSSGB Senior Program Manager, US Air Force

Gil has hyper planned his transition. He can speak to HOH Fellowships, Project Management, Agile, etc.

Bradley Dower, CPABradley Dower, CPA Owner, Brad Dower, CPA

Brad is a CPA and will be there to answer any questions about starting a business, incorporating, LLC, etc. He can also answer questions about getting involved in an accounting career.

🔵Jonathan M. Joshua, CISSPJonathan Joshua, CISSP Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, CISO, Texas Attorney General’s Office

Jonathan can talk about cyber, and transitioning into a leadership role

Don L. GleasonDon L. Gleason, CEO, and President Achieve New Heights, LLC President, Military Transition Roundtable

Don will be talking about “Left of Resume,” what you should do before writing your resume – includes “What do I want to do next?” networking, informational interviews, elevator pitch, branding.

Edit photoBernard Beaullieu, Founder, Beaullieu & Associates, Inc. Founder, PostMilitary

Bernard likes to talk about winning the final interview and figuring out who you are.

Looking to get the most out of this Participant Driven Career Networking Event?

Welcome to PostMilitary! Here are some quick tips to enhance your experience:

  • Our vision is to give you the freedom to roam at will during this meetup. We will update this page prior to the event and give you information on the facilitators for each room, and the overall landscape for the meetup.
  • You can use any device that supports Zoom to navigate to the different breakout rooms and meet people. Make sure your device is updated to the latest revision of the Zoom app. The ability to roam is relatively new.
  • PC’s and Mac’s provide a more granular look at the breakout rooms. You will be able to see each room and who is in there. Smartphones and iPads will allow you to see the rooms, navigate to the rooms, but you will not be able to drill down to who is in there.
  • Be Bold! This event is about you! You drive the conversation. You share your experiences.
  • It’s OK to have a few awkward moments of silence. Do your best to engage your fellow participants? Hopefully, you will spend time in multiple rooms connecting with 5 or 6 people in each. Ask open-ended questions and look for visual queues. You will be able to see when someone wants to ask something…Encourage them.
  • This is a conversation, not a competition. Interviewing in today’s world is mainly virtual. Take your time, pause, and ask the listeners if they need more details. Practice engaging your audience.
  • This is a casual meetup. Business casual or less is appropriate.
  • This is our first event. We believe we have a unique opportunity to make a difference. We look forward to your ideas on how we can do better. There will be a post-event survey with an opportunity for you to help us build this.