How do you define success?

(Re-post from May 2019.) I spend a lot of time helping people with their careers, mostly asking pointed questions and doing a lot of listening. I was at a transitioning military workshop in May doing mock interviews, career coaching, etc. In the middle of a discussion, someone asked me; “How Do You Define Success?” I gave an answer, but I think the question was really aimed at what goes into defining what success looks like in your career or in this case career transition.

This is a great question. The definition of success – the accomplishment of an aim or purpose…A favorable or desired outcome. Figuring out what that is for you is powerful!

Success is different for each of us and changes as we continue to grow. Here is an attempt at a better answer with the idea of laying out a thought process to help define success.

How do I define success?

  • Family – Whatever I do family is a big priority. This includes everything from being able to provide for them, educate them, help them pursue their dreams, to staying here in San Antonio and being a part of a large extended family.
  • Core Values – Integrity, Service, Value, and Commitment. Being able to live your life and navigate difficult situations and decisions with your core values, especially integrity, leading the way is a big part of success in my world.
  • Passion or Purpose – What could be better than understanding your passion or purpose and being able to live it? My passion is helping people achieve the success they desire.
  • Making a Difference – Fun, fulfilling, and builds the confidence needed for growth.

There is a lot of advice out there with much of it centered around offers; “If You Have This Experience, This Education, This Certification, This Clearance etc.”,  You Should Accept an Offer for No Less Than $XXX,XXX.”

How do you define success? Please share your thoughts and comments.

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