PostMilitary – Participant Driven Career Development Meetups for Military

Welcome to PostMilitary! We are a virtual platform serving Transitioning Military, Military Spouses, and Veterans. Our passion, our mission is helping people achieve the success they desire!

Our vision is to drive engagement in a virtual world aimed at helping people find; "The magic that happens when the fear, uncertainty, and doubt of career transition is overcome by optimism and belief in life after military.”

Monthly Participant Driven Virtual Career Networking Meetup

We are launching a monthly virtual career development meetup that closely resembles the experience of being at a networking event in person. Our target audience is Transitioning Military, Veterans, and Military Spouses. We want to empower you to walk in, use a concierge if needed, roam at will, introduce yourself, ask questions, provide perspective, and engage in a real conversation. Our second meetup will be Thursday, March 11, at 6:00 PM Central. We will meet on the second Thursday of every month. These events will be offered at no cost.

Sound chaotic? Good networking events are. We believe this will be a powerful experience. We want these meetups and really everything we do to be about YOU! You drive the conversation, engagement and set the agenda. We will have a Concierge to help guide you on your journey.

The Zoom platform has added the capability for participants to move in and out of breakout rooms and the main room at will. We will be sharing bio's and LinkedIn profiles for our breakout room facilitators. You can plan ahead or ask your Concierge for input.

Thank you for considering joining our event. We look forward to serving you. info and registration